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The recommended time frame to start your booking process is 12 to 18 months before your wedding date. This grants brides more date security. Booking 6 months or less prior to your desired date, there is a high chance we may already be booked. We keep our calendar page as up to date as possible showing the dates that are spoken for so that’s the page to check for our availability. The sooner you inquire, the better!

DF has decided to take no more than one wedding each weekend of the year to ensure we are able to completely immerse ourselves in each design style for every wedding we take on. We fully embody the floral form of art and hold great pride in our design style amongst each bride’s specific vision. Putting all of our focus on one wedding each weekend allows our creativity to truly blossom for us to reach new heights + provide the best aesthetic we can for your day.

We offer a price range guide below for reference if you are not familiar with floral pricing. We have implemented a wedding budget minimum of $4,000. DF provides a top notch experience from the first consultation to the day of your wedding, making all of your floral planning moments memorable + enjoyable. We use premium blooms in our designs and believe the care of your flowers leading up to the wedding is extremely important to our prestige. DF believes the service we provide throughout the journey to your wedding day is just as important as the outcome of the floral design. We are all about providing the best vibes for our DF Brides!

Please allow 1 to 2 days for response time. Usually we reply the same day you inquire, however some weekends are a bit more hectic when we have a wedding or event.

Next step once you hear back from us is to get all the nitty gritty details about how you want your day to be designed. We will set up a phone call or in person meeting.

In person meetings are held at the DF studio. You’ll be greeted with your favorite Starbucks order or a champagne toast because it’s never too early or too late for a little coffee or bubbly – you choose! Who says meetings can’t be enjoyable?!

I want to connect with you so we can portray your vision beyond your expectations. Let’s create some floral magic!



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Dainty Florals Wedding Price Guide:

Please keep in mind that each wedding will have its own unique requests + needs that will reflect its own unique pricing.

However, we wanted to share some price ranges on what we offer for those who are going through the planning process to have an idea of our general pricing.


$200 – $3,500

Choose to go super simple with just a bridal bouquet / boutonnière or spruce up your ceremony space with some floral design


Intimate + Small Weddings:

$4,000 – $5,500

For the couples who want beautiful floral work in moderation on their big day

The Total Package:

$6,000 – $10,000

For the couples who want beautiful floral work accented around the venue space on their big day

Above + Beyond:

$10,000 and beyond

For the couples who want to be completely immersed + surrounded by beautiful floral design on their big day