Hi! I’m Kallie

The floral gal who loves to play with crazy cool color combos and bring your fun ideas to life!

The DF Team is focused on floral design for weddings + events.

We also offer daily delivery + pick up options to send an arrangement to a loved one or brighten your own day with flowers.

As a little girl, my MawMaw and I would walk around her backyard that was filled with flower beds where gorgeous flowers grew in abundance. She moved into a different home when I was in high school and has lived in that house ever since with an even larger flower garden to admire. We would take strolls around the gardens and talk about which blooms are our favorites or with certain flowers, how the colors have changed from season to season. I like to think she put the love for florals in my heart long before I ever knew I would pursue a career in this industry.

2022 was my first year doing floral design and even though its always been a hobby of mine, I finally dove in, researched + studied up on the floral world and found my niche. At 27 years old I felt that I reached a point in my life where I wasn’t using my creative side to its full potential. This might sound crazy but I craved being around beauty and colors over working a 9 to 5 desk job. I wanted to work with my hands and be active with things that bring me happiness. Flowers fit perfectly into place after getting some words of encouragement from my husband and some lifelong friends who told me to just go for it. In college I always had it in the very back of my mind and held on to the thought of being a florist but you know how your family wants you to do the whole college thing.. well U of M didn’t offer anything like that so I finally graduated with a PR degree after hating school for 6 long years of changing my degree around a handful of times.

I decided that if I wasn’t going to take the risk and start Dainty Florals, I would be more disappointed in myself for never giving it a shot than if I tried and it didn’t succeed. Then I started to think about succeeding, and in my opinion, success will look different to everyone. Success didn’t mean I had to become the “best” florist around or the “only” florist people wanted to use because lets face it, everyone has their own vibe and not everyone is going to love the same style. But as long as I built something I was proud of and brought beauty + happiness to someones day, that was enough for me. And with that being said, if Dainty Floral’s vibe matches your vibe, lets work together and create some magic for your wedding or event! Or head over to the Order Form to start your order for delivery or pick up!

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The DF Team in action: